Altar Server Program

Eligibility: Grade 5 - 12

Coordinators: Don Francis, Ranjith Thomas

The altar server program is a great way for our students to learn and serve during the Holy Qurbana. Parents are strongly encouraged to enroll their children for this program

Lector / Bible READING Program

Eligibility: Grade 4 - 12

Registration Deadline: October 29

Coordinators: Rexy Joseph

The goal of this program is to train the next generation of lectors in our parish. The young lectors are encouraged and trained to evoke the same feelings of faith as the Word of the God enshrines in the Holy Bible

English Choir Program

Eligibility: Grade 6 and above


The English Choir’s primary ministry consists of providing music for the 11:45am Sunday Qurbana at the St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Church in Framingham.

Please see the coordinators if you are interested in signing your child for choir.

Little Flower Mission League

Eligibility : Grade 4 - 12

Coordinators: Princy Joseph, Smitha Joji, Tiya Joseph, Deepa Shobin, Jenson Kaithamattam

The purpose of LMFL is to practice what children learn through the Sunday School faith program, especially the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.

Senior year Leadership Program

Eligibility: Grade 11 and 12

Coordinators: Paul Joseph

This program is designed to provide leadership opportunities and skills for our 11th and 12th graders.

In these roles you will work with the respective coordinators to organize, manage and run the program of your choice.

Please contact Paul, if you missed the sign up.

Christmas Carols

Childrens carols from 2021

Eligibility: Grades K - 8

Registration Deadline: October 30

Coordinators: Biya Paul & Diji Roy

We have a tradition of our K-8 Grade CCD kids performing Carol songs after the Christmas Qurbana on December 25th. It is a wonderful way to get our smaller kids to lead the community in song!


  • Practice sessions will start October 30 @ 1:30 p.m.

  • Tentatively there will be 6 Sundays for practice for 30 minutes each.

Dei Verbum Bible Quiz

For students : Grade 4 - Adult

Registration Deadline : November 5,2022

Coordinators: Siby John

Dei Verbum bible quiz is an annual quiz conducted by the diocese of Chicago. This is a motivator to greatly improve the knowledge and understanding of the Holy Bible.

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